Circus No.9


Circus No.9


Based out of East Tennessee, Circus No.9 is a new progressive acoustic group that embraces the influence of Bluegrass, Jazz, Rock, and more. The group has appeared on stage alongside artists including David Grisman, Bryan Sutton, Larry Keel, and more. With awarded musicians Matthew Davis (2016 National Banjo Champion, 2017 Rockygrass Banjo Champion), Thomas Cassell (2016 Rockygrass Mandolin Champion), bassist Vince Ilagan, and guitarist Jed Clark, Circus No.9 is taking the new acoustic scene by force.

"Circus No. 9 represents everything that's good about the new generation of acoustic music. These guys already exhibit a maturity and musicianship that has me thinking we're going to be hearing great stuff from them for a long time!" - Bryan Sutton


  Photos by Amy Daniels.


 Mandolin / Thomas Cassell
Guitar / Jed Clark
Banjo / Matthew Davis
Bass / Vince Ilagan


Circus No.9 proudly endorses DR Strings


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Live at the Station Inn

by Circus No.9